How do I keep an email I have answered in my inbox? Gmail automatically sends it to All Mail once it has been answered.

  • Do you have two buttons available to you when sending the emails, one with "Send and Archive" and the other with "Send"? – jonsca Jan 4 at 23:30
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    All Mail is the place where you find all your mail regardless of the labels applied to individual messages, so whether you have it in Inbox or you archived it, it will be in All Mail. – Alex Jan 5 at 11:21

You might be using the “Send & Archive” option.

Note the difference between the two Send buttons:

  • Send & Archive

enter image description here

  • Send without archive

enter image description here

If that’s the case, go to Settings and search for the Send and Archive option. Now click on the Hide “Send & Archive” button in reply.

enter image description here

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