I had a WhatsApp account on a phone which has been left at power-off for several months now. The SIM card (number) that the account belonged to has also been removed from the phone for similar amounts of time. So I came home for the holidays and on the 2nd of January I discovered;

  1. The number had "left" groups that my current account and the former one had in common.

  2. The account has actually been "deleted" i.e no profile picture, an "invite" option and the default "Hey there!..." status dated at Feb 24th, 2009. (which appears to be close to WhatsApp's (the company's) inception). Note: I got the phone & created the account in 2016.

  3. From a friend's phone, the profile picture still isn't there but the status (about) is the latest one I put up in 2017

What is going on? Should I be worried that someone turned my phone on / it got stolen?

  • 30 days - you won't receive message older than 30 days
  • 45 days - if your account is inactive for 45+ days your account will be recycled. your account stays active if you do not use it on another device even after 45+ days
  • 180 days - after this period you will be removed from groups


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