I have a grand total value that I want to use in my calculated field. Instead of using a specific number like =sum(impr./919), I want something like =sum(impr./"grand total") and that the grand total relates to a certain cell.

How do I go about doing this?

  • select cell or range of cells
  • go to Data
  • select Named ranges...
  • type in "Grand_Total"
  • use formula =SUM(Grand_Total) instead of =SUM(A1:B3)


  • To be more specific, in the pivot table, when im creating a calculated field I enter: =SUM(Impr./('Grand_total')) it doesnt work. =SUM(Impr./919) works perfectly but that is a static formula. And how do I use (grand_total) when i am relating it to a specific range? – Kelvin Lee Jan 6 at 0:48
  • @KelvinLee try =SUM(Impr./grand_total) – MARK MY ANSWER Jan 6 at 1:01

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