I want to use the IMPORTHTML function of Google Spreadsheets.
There is this example by Google itself:


Unfortunately (like all the other examples that I tried), it gives me a parsing error.

I tried some stuff (I am a coder myself) but could not fix it. When I try the exact same line of code on a friends computer it works.

What am I missing here?
My only Idea would be that Google gives me a new Version of Spreadsheets (just like we are all using different Versions of Facebook without noticing). And on this Version i am running on importHTML does not work.

Would be amazing if someone can help me with this!

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Looks like your issue is not IMPORTHTML() parse error, but local language setting of your Google Spreadsheet. There are two versions:

  • United States version (includes Australia)
  • Europe version (pretty much the "rest of the world" version)

Each version has own syntax for formulas:

  • US: =IF(A1 = "x", "yes", "no")
  • EU: =IF(A1 = "x"; "yes"; "no")

While (in most cases - not all cases) US version is able to instantly convert to EU syntax, EU sheet is not able to do so. Language settings can be changed in File > Spreadsheet settings... > General > Locale


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