I'm trying to return a limited list of cells using a query that references another tab in my Google Sheets book. Please find a sample book here.

The returned cells represent social media posts -- I'm trying to parse their post content and return lists of top-performing content. Column B of the query tab represents what I've been using to date to pull in posts. I'd now like to add a layer of regex on top of this formula that only pulls posts utilizing "#ad". The regex I want to use for that is:


I've read this and many other resources, but I can't understand what is wrong with my formula syntax (and why the match is yielding no results).

=query(indirect(CONCATENATE("'",CONCATENATE(C1," - Performing"),"'!$A$2:$N")),"select J where M matches '#ad(?![A-z]|[0-9]|-|_|\/|\\)'",-1)

Please help save what un-pulled-out hairs I have left!

  • #ad(?![A-z]|[0-9]|-|_|\/|\\) is nod valid reg. ex. – user0 Jan 9 at 22:22

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