This looked like the place to ask Facebook related questions. I did a search for my question and didn't find a similar one. Feel free to direct me to the correct place if it's already been asked.

My first issue is that Facebook has no contact information. There is no way to call, email, live chat, or any other method of communication. I've tried before coming here.

Secondly, I'm currently handling the media needs of a Club/Association. I manage the website for them and they want me to manage a Facebook page/account as well.

We had a member create a Facebook page, of their own volition and without permission, on behalf of the organization. Now we have to start our own, using the club email and credentials.

However, Facebook won't let me create an account. It says I need to create a page. Then it wants me to sign into my account to create a page. I don't want my account linked to this page in any way. I probably won't be a club member in the long run and it needs to belong to the club and not an individual.

Can anyone tell me how to create a page, under Facebook rules and guidelines, without being seen to "manage multiple accounts" , which they claim will get my account and the club account shut down?

They provide no instructions or way to communicate. I just need to know how to legitimately create a Facebook page for our club that belongs to the club and the credentials can be passed to whomever the current club officers are.

As of now, the member is willing to work with us on turning over control of their current page. Ideally, the answer above would be how we could just transition that page to our control. Otherwise, I suspect they'll need to shut down their page and we'll need to create our own.

It'll need another question and be another can of worms if they change their mind and won't turn over or shut down their page.

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