How do I filter search results to only include unread messages in Office 365 outlook.com? I've tried read:no, but that looks for messages containing read and no.

Office 365 Outlook Search


I was also struggling to get all the unread emails (including from the subfolders) in Outlook Office 365. The closest I could find was the following search query:


Search Email

In case of Desktop client, this can be achieved with the Search Folders.

Search Folders -> Right Click -> New Search Folders -> Unread Mail

But, unfortunately this feature is not available yet for the Office 365. Here is the uservoice link for this search folders:

UserVoice - Outlook Office 365 Search Folders

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  • isread:no search is available in web outlook, "unread search folder" is not – Alec Istomin Jul 27 at 18:27

At the top of the interface for a folder (e.g., Inbox), next to the folder name, there's a pull menu called Filter. Pull that down and select Unread.

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