My mothers Thunderbird sends special characters (specifically in this case, German umlaute) wrongly, but only from one account.

She has a abcd@gmail.com, a abcd@ourowndomain.com and a abcd@aol.com

When the email comes from gmail.com or ourowndomain.com as the sender, it sends fine, I can see für as für. But if the email goes through the aol account, für becomes f�r and I do not know why that one account sends emails differently. I checked the general codings, and its set to Western ISO-8859-1, both for incoming and outgoing emails. What else would cause this?

  • Its not even in links, its just plain text that she can send and I get wrong characters – SinisterMJ Jan 11 at 15:04
  • I would say this has much more to do with how AOL is processing messages than anything that Thunderbird is doing. If it does have to do with the Thunderbird software itself, the question would be on topic on Super User, but I think that they would close it in its current state because it's likely the service, which is outside of their scope. I'll leave the question be for now until you can provide more information. – jonsca Jan 12 at 1:14

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