I am trying to import a table from the lower part of the following website to Google Sheets: https://vistacapital.com.br/

I used the formula:


but the output is empty.

I need the value underneath the word "cota", to the right of the word "Vista Multiestrategia FIM"

or import the entire table, with the bottom formula, but it no longer works:


Anyone help?


There is an error on the URL used on the formulas. Instead of




  • it was not this, it is using correctly in the sheet. – Junior Jan 14 at 10:40
  • 1
    @Junior Please edit your question to show how the formula is in the sheet. – Rubén Jan 14 at 15:18

Unfortunately, you can't have those data, because they are injected into the table by JS. That's why when you use this formula, the table is empty:

=IMPORTHTML("https://vistacapital.com.br"; "TABLE"; 1)

All you can get is this:

=IMPORTXML("https://vistacapital.com.br"; "//*")
  • Unfortunately I do not have the field I need ("cota" value) – Junior Jan 14 at 10:38
  • @Junior "Unfortunately, you can't have those data..." – user0 Jan 14 at 10:47

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