How do I find very important AOL email that disappeared, due to an AOL error message, while I was saving it as a draft?

I had worked many hours on it, and cannot possibly remember and rewrite the whole thing again.

It was ready to send it, but I was worried if I pressed SEND, something might happen, and I would lose it--so at the last second, I pressed SAVE DRAFT, and it just hung there and the page froze, and never finished loading. There was the ERROR OCCURRED message, and the words in my email disappeared, went blank. The attachments were still there, for awhile, but then the whole thing disappeared. I tried to bring it up on a new page, and new browsers, but the draft was completely gone. I contacted AOL, who investigated, but could not help.

For awhile, the thumbnail of the page, which looked to be like a tiny, partial view of my email, showed up when I clicked on a new page in the "Most Visited Sites" section, but it was too tiny, and unreadable when I tried to enlarge it. I saved it in different forms on my computer.

I downloaded the ChromeCacheViewer, and it opened up my DNS cache on my computer, but I have no idea what kind of file to look for, and how to read it (if by miracle it somehow survived) in the form in which I wrote it? Seeing the Google thumbnail picture of what appeared to be my email, gave me hope to keep trying!

  • I don't know to what extent we will actually be able to help you, but if you are interested in pursuing this cache hypothesis, write up another email and save it as draft, see which files in the cache directory changed within the last however many seconds/minutes, and see if anything sticks out. In regard to your other idea, I suspect the "Most Visited Sites" section uses a thumbnail of the page and not the actual information, but you never know. – jonsca Jan 12 '19 at 3:10
  • Thank you! You are very clever to come up with that idea! I wish I had just stopped and asked a long time ago--and that I found this site first--I got bogged down hunting for answers, that just took me further and further away. – Mariel Jan 12 '19 at 9:01
  • You're very welcome. I hope that you are able to find it! – jonsca Jan 12 '19 at 21:11

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