My setup is as follows.

I have two Gmail accounts: a main Gmail account, and a secondary one that I have so I can use Google's SMTP server.

This SMTP server account is used whenever I need a server/script/IOT device/whatever to send mail to me so that I don't need to configure my main Gmail credentials (or more accurately, an app password) within the unsecured device.

My main Gmail account (say main@gmail.com) is setup to pull email from the SMTP account (say smtp@gmail.com) using the option "Check email from other accounts".

An example setup would be a cron job on Linux emailing me its run result. This would be sent to root@localhost and .forward contains main@gmail.com. The server is setup to use Gmail as an SMTP relay with credentials for smtp@gmail.com and this works great.

However, in Sent for main@gmail.com I see all the mail that is sent through smtp@gmail.com. I have Send mail as configured for this account too, however, I have unchecked the Alias option which I thought caused what I am seeing.

Is there a way to prevent smtp@gmail.com sent mail from appearing in Sent in main@gmail.com?

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