I am trying to divide a number by the total remaining number of weeks and have it calculate as the weeks' progress. I am using the formula =D58/today(WEEKNUM(1/5/2019,0)), but I keep getting an #N/A error. Any suggestions? I am trying to keep it in a single cell.

  • Remaining total number of weeks in what? Can you add some sample data with what output you're expecting? – ale Jan 16 at 1:59
  • I actually figured it out not too long ago. Specifically I was inquiring about a school project in which I had a total amount of Sale goals to hit year end Quotas. I wanted to figure out how much I needed to do per week, as the year progresses.. The formula I used was =$728,000/(ISOWEEKNUM(TODAY())-52)*-1 . The -1 was just to make make it a positive number – Jordan Jan 16 at 2:46




  • to roundup undividable tasks:

=ROUNDUP(A3/(WEEKNUM(TODAY())-52)*-1, 0)

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