I want to do a calculation with imported data from an HTML link. The data is imported every minute. There is a loading time and this ensures that the cells are empty during loading. Because my formula refers to those cells, the result is "0" and this ensures that the calculations are no longer correct. Is there a way to ensure that value is taken from the cells only after it has a value (after loading) and not when it is empty during loading?



= cell reference


instead of =J6 use: =IF(ISNUMBER(J6), J6, )

example: =IF(ISNUMBER(A3), A3, )

k 5

  • Thank you for your answer, unfortunately it does not work, when the cell is empty during loading, then the cell that refers to the referring cell is also empty, logical actually. So what I want: Only when there is a new value -> then update cell with the new value. When it is empty (during loading) -> do nothing and keep the old value It is difficult to explain but hopefully you understand me – Coen17st Jan 18 at 16:36
  • @Coen17st keeping the old value while loading is in progress is not possible – user0 Jan 18 at 16:47

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