In Google Sheets I have a formula in Column V that returns "Paid" or "To Pay" depending on whether a checkbox in Column U is checked:

=IF(U2=True, "Paid", "To Pay")
My data looks like this:
T U V W                                                                              
1 Price Checkbox Status Amount
2 80 Paid
3 80 Not Paid

I want to place a formula in Column W that returns the Price value from Column T if the Checkbox in Column U is checked.

The result would be:
T U V W                                                                              
1 Price Checkbox Status Amount
2 80 Paid 80
3 80 Not Paid

How can this be done?

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paste this in cell W2: =IF(U2=TRUE, T2, )




A checkbox value is always TRUE/FALSE (checked/unchecked) therefore it is redundant to test whether it is TRUE.

=IF(TRUE, val_if_true, val_if_false) 

   is equivalent to

=IF(TRUE=TRUE, val_if_true, val_if_false) 

Basic Formula

If you are returning the two columns based on the same test U2=TRUE you can use a single formula to generate both columns:

=IF(U2, {"Paid", T2}, "To Pay")

Multi-Row Formula

You can use adapt the Basic Formula using the ARRAYFORMULA function to populate all the values in Columns V and W:

       {IFERROR(U2:U/0,"Paid"), T2:T},
       {"To Pay",""}),)) 

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