Google Docs has a feature called "Suggesting" which is similar to Microsoft Word's "Track Changes".

In Microsoft Word, once you have made your changes there is an option to view the file with "Final".

"Final" will show you the document as it would be if all of the proposed changes are agreed.

Is there something similar to this in Google Docs? The only other option I can find in Google Docs is "Viewing" mode, but this does the opposite of Microsoft Word's "Final". "Viewing" just shows you the document if all of the proposed changes were not agreed.

  • activate Editing or Suggesting mode
  • go to Tools
  • select Review suggested edits
  • select Show suggested edits
  • select Preview "Accept all"


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    This is nice. Though it is very useful in Word that you can edit the "final" version directly. So you can work as if you edited without tracking making it a lot less messy. Seems you cannot edit in gdocs when in preview mode. – Jan Stanstrup Jul 17 '19 at 10:56
  • Wow, thanks! I wish I knew about this sooner! And yeah I agree with you @JanStanstrup – Ryan Jan 28 '20 at 21:07

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