I'm making a table to check duplicate data. Where data that wants to be duplicated is in the "Sampel1" column and the duplicate checking results are in the "Status" column.


The formula that I have made is:

=if(COUNTIF($A$3:A3, A3)>1, "Duplicate", "No")

I want when table 1 is filtered only for duplicates, the results can be seen in the picture below:

Table results that have been filtered

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  • paste this in B2:

  "select *", 0),
  "select count(Col1), Col1 where Col1 is not null group by Col1 order by Col1", 0), 
  "select Col2 where Col1 >1", 0)&"♥Duplicate", "♥")), 2, 0), "No"), ))}


  • why when I fill in the number A column, the number that should not be the same but instead duplicates are detected? ibb.co/X3srbPQ Jan 24, 2019 at 3:14
  • @LutfiCreativesys check the fix in your spreadsheet
    – user0
    Jan 24, 2019 at 3:31

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