Some Microsoft Office products (e.g. Word 2016 and Outlook 2016) have a special paste feature called Merge Formatting which retains certain formatting (like lists, hyperlinks, bold, underlined, and italicized text) but uses the destination formatting for font, line spacing, and text size.

Here's an example of the feature: enter image description here

When I paste the same text into an email in Gmail, my options seem to be:

  1. Keep the exact formatting, or
  2. Strip the formatting completely (i.e. paste into Gmail as plain text and then reformat it manually.)

Is there any way I can achieve Merge Formatting functionality in Gmail? In other words, is there any way I can paste my clipboard contents in a Gmail email, retaining certain formatting like lists and hyperlinks, but using the destination message's font and text size? I'm willing to use browser extensions or other software if necessary.

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