I'm trying to capture data (mainly the integer, double, string and time values) that is sent from a website periodically with firestore as its source. Examples of the data source and structure are shown below.

I found a script that captures that data and stores them in local memory. But as that requires a tab with that script to be left open to continue recording, I would like to have them sent to google sheets directly, is this possible?

Sample data acquired from chrome>developer tools>network https://pastebin.com/nNqycAjn

Sample data url https://firestore.googleapis.com/google.firestore.v1beta1.Firestore/Listen/channel?database=projects%2Fhunt-the-mouse-2018%2Fdatabases%2F(default)&VER=8&RID=19056&CVER=22&X-HTTP-Session-Id=gsessionid&%24httpHeaders=X-Goog-Api-Client%3Agl-js%2F%20fire%2F5.5.0%0D%0A&zx=hommxl4u3v4d&t=1

Script that periodically appends to a hosted webpage and data stored in local memory. https://pastebin.com/u0Y6eGkk

Basically, I think I just need to translate the script into GAS and run it off the timer?

PS: I found these but as I'm not the owner of the Firebase data, the instructions don't help much. http://grahamearley.website/blog/2017/10/18/firestore-in-google-apps-script.html https://sites.google.com/site/scriptsexamples/new-connectors-to-google-services/firebase/tutorials/read-and-write-data-in-firebase-from-apps-script

  • If anyone needs more details about the question please let me know. It seems this question is receiving very little love here. – Allen Sierra Jan 28 at 11:17

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