My bosses recently have decided to part their ways, so we removed the first boss from the Facebook, yet it shows, that he is the owner of it, as in it is owned by his business. And since he is not so handy with the IT, I took over his account in order to transfer the ownership. But when trying to transfer the ownership, Facebook only allows to deny the request, as soon as I press accept, it shows error and says to try it again later. How is that and how can I fix it?

enter image description here

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    You question is unclear. Are you talking about Facebook Page or personal account? What error you are getting? Do you have screenshot of that error? – serenesat Jan 28 at 6:29
  • ibb.co/JkkZ5WY ibb.co/GJQRCDw ibb.co/6wHJM4K ibb.co/LJTVxxp aaaand as soon as I press accept: ibb.co/vLk62RW – Confused one Jan 28 at 14:32
  • @Confusedone You should be able to edit some additional photos into the body of the question now that you are no longer at 1 reputation. Seeing them in the post rather than having to click links is probably preferable. – jonsca Feb 7 at 2:37

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