Here is what I am doing:

=IF('unique stock'!C11<=0,'unique stock'!C11,"")

and this goes on...

=IF('unique stock'!C22<=0,'unique stock'!C22,"")
=IF('unique stock'!C33<=0,'unique stock'!C33,"")
=IF('unique stock'!C44<=0,'unique stock'!C44,"")

Here, I am incrementing each cell by 11 rows manually. Please tell me if there is any way to increment rows by 11 dynamically for each cell.

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In excel you could use the following for a cell reference that would start at C11 and Jump by 11 for each row copied down:


You just need to substitute it into your equation.

=IF(INDEX('unique stock'!C:C,ROW(A1)*11)<=0,INDEX('unique stock'!C:C,ROW(A1)*11),"")

I am not sure if Google Sheets performs the function in the same manner as excel.


=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN('unique stock'!C11:C44), 
                  IF('unique stock'!C11:C44<=0,
                     'unique stock'!C11:C44, ), ))

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