When attempting to use any literal strings in formulas I get a Formula parse error and #ERROR! in the column with the formula. For example:


I’ve been told that there is something wrong with the quote marks around the literal string ‘x’. I am using an iPad keyboard. Any ideas?


On Apple devices, to get the CHAR(34) quote (i.e., "straight quote"), hold down the double-quote key on the keyboard. An alternatives popup will appear above. Slide your finger up into the alt menu and choose the straight quotes (usually far right).

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instead of “ ” use " " like: =IF(D43="x"; MULTIPLY(E42; 2))

  • if you don't have key for that on your keyboard you can press: LEFT ALT + 34

  • if you have an English keyboard then press: SHIFT + ' + '

  • if you are on the touchscreen:


The iPad keyboard is using the "typographic" quotation marks. Excel expects the "neutral" one.

That is & are not the same character as ". Not sure how to get around that on the iPad keyboard.

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