I haven't been able to log into my Blogger account for my blog or into the Gmail of the same account. I remember the recovery mail that I'd connected and I've tried using the account recovery several times and it won't email me anything. My blog was also on private so I can't access any of my old posts. Please can someone help or does anyone have any contact details that I could use to get in touch with Google/Blogger support? I really want my account back.


A fix that worked for me, was to do the following:

  1. Go to accounts.google.com;
  2. Go to Data & personalisation;
  3. Scroll downward until you find Things you create and do, and subsequently click on Google Dashboard;
  4. Under Your Google services, click on Blogger;
  5. DON'T click on Go to Blogger, rather, click on 1 profile entry if it appears (you may need to expand the tile) and once followed it should prompt you to add a new username.

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