Maybe it is a recent change, but it seems that duckduck.go has started to return search results, containing pages, that do not indeed contain ALL THE SEARCH TERMS, of the query.

This question looks for a way how to use https://duckduckgo.com/lite in a way that only yields results, being pages that actually contain all the searched for words.

The site https://duckduckgo.com/params does however not really help me here, even though I would think it is a feature that ddg can provide.


I have found https://duck.co/help/results/syntax, which I referes to some search syntax as this:

DuckDuckGo supports search syntax you can use to fine-tune your queries.
Search operators:

  • Example Result
  • cats dogs Results about cats or dogs
  • "cats and dogs" Results for exact term "cats and dogs"
  • cats -dogs Fewer dogs in results
  • cats +dogs More dogs in results cats
  • filetype:pdf PDFs about cats. Supported file types: pdf, doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), html
  • dogs site:example.com Pages about dogs from example.com
  • cats -site:example.com Pages about cats, excluding example.com
  • intitle:dogs Page title includes the word "dogs"
  • inurl:cats Page url includes the word "cats"

This would lead me to believe that duckduckgo.com cannot provide functionality and is indeed missing a crucial feature.

However, it is unclear if https://duck.co/ is indeed connected to https://duckduckgo.com in the first place

Update 2

I have not found any way where this is documented. However it seems that by wrapping each individual search term in quotes, i.e. doing this search "require" "all" "search" "terms" one can produce the desired effect.


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Actually, that's the only proper way how to search for multiple exact "phrases" since:

"require all search terms" 

will return you match for the whole phrase, eg. having:

"require" "all" "search" "terms"

shall return search results for all 4 phrases found per location.

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