I currently have 3 sheets (tabs) in a Google Sheets workbook. Each column header (Row 1) in the 3 sheets are identical. I'd like to create a 4th sheet that combines ALL the contents in the 3 sheets that looks like:

Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

What's the best way to accomplish this? If easier, I do not mind having the header show up 3 times. Thank you.

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Something like this should work

={'Sheet 1'!1:10000 ; 'Sheet 2'!1:10000 ; 'Sheet 3'!1:10000}
  • Thanks for writing. To confirm, create a 4th tab, and input this formula into cell A1? Throwing an error for me, the formula isn't populating anything. Thoughts? – Jay Feb 3 at 17:32
  • Perhaps, depending on locale, you need to use comma instead of the semicolon. Please share a screenshot of your data, or a copy of your spreadsheet, if you want further help. – ttarchala Feb 4 at 22:58
  • join them as they are by creating the 4th sheet and pasting one of these formulas to A1:

    ={'Sheet 1'!A1:10000\ 'Sheet 2'!A1:10000\ 'Sheet 3'!A1:10000}
    ={'Sheet 1'!A1:10000; 'Sheet 2'!A1:10000; 'Sheet 3'!A1:10000}

  • join them with QUERY() if header for all 3 sheets is the same:

    =QUERY({'Sheet 1'!A1:10000\ 'Sheet 2'!A2:10000\ 'Sheet 3'!A2:10000}; "select *"; 1)

    =QUERY({'Sheet 1'!A1:10000; 'Sheet 2'!A2:10000; 'Sheet 3'!A2:10000}, "select *", 1)

  • join them by skipping empty rows (let's say if data are present column A is always populated):

    change "select *" to "select * where A is not null"

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