I have had an active Gmail account for many years. I have used this address for both private and business use. I have other emails forwarded to it for convenience as well. I have started to receive mail sent from and to another person with the same email address as mine. How is this possible? How do I maintain MY email address and my privacy?

  • Receiving emails intended for someone else does not affect your privacy. Do you have any evidence that someone else is receiving emails sent to your Gmail address? The most likely scenario is that someone else thinks your Gmail address is his, and is telling his contacts to use that address to reach him, but doesn't actually have any access to the account. – Mike Scott Feb 6 at 15:34
  • Maybe the other person somehow got a user name that's identical to yours but with a period. Have you brought this up in Gmail Help? I don't know whether that would help, but it might. – aparente001 Feb 7 at 7:07

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