Not sure if I'm sharing this right but below is a link to my sheet. Cell C3 is past today so it is red. What I'm trying to do is have it go back to white when I enter the next "Last change" date in cell A4 and continue in this manner. This possible?


=IF(AND(C3 < TODAY(), C3<>"", A4=""), 1)

  • @Tim done. check your sheet. I used =IF(AND(C3 < TODAY(), C3<>"", A4="", C3<>0), 1). also if you dont want SUM to show 0 when there are no data to sum, use: =if(B3<>"",sum(A3,B3),) – MARK MY ANSWER Feb 14 at 16:12
  • 1
    Thanks!! You are awesome!! I also found if I change your =if(B3<>..... to =if(A3<>...... it eliminates the "0's" and works great. Thanks again!! – Tim 12 hours ago

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