I am trying to use the new Checkbox function in Google Sheets. I can't figure out how If I click the checkbox in A9 on Worksheet 2 I want the Text in A10 and the $ amount in A11 to be copied to cells B10 and B11 Worksheet A. I am currently using this formula to copy the data from worksheet B to Worksheet A.

='Estimate Worksheet'!B9

So I am trying to copy the data only if the checkbox is checked.

  • It works great, but I am getting an "Invalid: Input must equal Estimate Worksheet B2" message. Could it be because I am pulling data from Sheet B (Worksheet) can copying it to Sheet A (Customer) Also now that I have it working I realized that I have 15 rows of data to use on Sheet B that could be filled but I only want the rows checked transferred to Sheet A. I would like the rows on Sheet A to be in sequence rather than the randomly checked boxes. Would it help if I share my form with you?
    – Mike
    Feb 11, 2019 at 21:52

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=IF(Sheet10!A1=TRUE, {Sheet10!B1:C1}, )

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