I've studied networks and the internet quite a bit in college and I came up with an idea but I'm not sure if it'll work.

The thing was whether I could see how many people view my facebook profile and how many times they view it. My idea was that we could do this through third party cookies. I learned that facebook and the likes could track our internet usage because they have facebook like buttons on every page and whenever it downloads the button it updates the cookie that is stored by facebook.

Similarly I was thinking if I could post an image or place one somewhere on my profile page so that whenever someone visits I would know someone has viewed my profile. Of course I won't know who it was but I will know that someone viewed my profile. I have a blog that I can link the image to etc but I'm not exactly sure how I should go around about this. How can I create a third party cookie to post? Is the above even possible?

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It's not possible because you don't have the ability to put arbitrary code on Facebook.com which would make a request to your site to receive the cookie

Facebook decides what content is delviered from Facebook.com, including your profile, photos, etc, and there's no way to add anything that would load your cookie.

  • What if for example I post an image or anything that downloads whenever someone visits my profile? Can't something like that act like a cookie and notify me whenever that image downloads? – Shahmeer Feb 10 at 14:36
  • If the image was being loaded from your website,you could look at the logs for your website and track how often it happens; but Facebook doesn't provide any way for you to include an image on your profile which comes from your own site: All images on your profile are served from Facebook's servers – Igy Feb 11 at 13:23

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