In my team, we use standard GitHub flow with a twist. There are two groups of reviewers (Group1 and Group2). Rules of merging PRs are as follows:

  • At least two reviewers must acknowledge PR before merging
  • One review must come from Group1 reviewer
  • Another review may come from either Group1 or Group2 reviewer
  • People in organization that are neither in Group1 or Group2 are not allowed to review and merge
  • Each repository has it's own Group1 and Group2 definition

We have these rules written in our internal wiki, along with list of group assignment for each repository. The problem is, I need to consult that wiki every time I create new PR (to ensure I request review from at least one Group1 member) or review existing one (to verify if I can merge it after my review).

Is there plugin, bot or external service that can support or enforce following these rules? How do we set it up?

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