Hello does anybody know how to import the Bitcoin price in euro into a Google Sheets document by using the IMPORTXML function?

I am as far as I get the Bitcoin USD price -

"//span[@class='h2 text-semi-bold details-panel-item--price__value']")

by inspecting the CoinMarketCap site I can see the Bitcoin euro price is shown but I do not understand how to refer to it?

<span class="h2 text-semi-bold details-panel-item--price 
value" data-currency-value="">€3.211,55</span>

That won't be possible because button which switches between currencies is controlled by JavaScript and Google Sheets can't read JS. A workaround would be to use a different site for scraping or convert USD to EUR directly in the spreadsheet:

 "//span[@class='h2 text-semi-bold details-panel-item--price__value']")

enter image description here

If the GOOGLEFINANCE currency rate isn't satisfactory you can try to find a better one and IMPORTXML it too - like: =IMPORTXML(usd) * IMPORTXML(currency rate)

  • Thank you. I did not want to import to many data, since I think my Google Sheet becomes loaded, however it seems its the only way. Is it possible to write a function for this? I do not want to retrieve too many data at once, since I have the feeling the process of retrieving data could slow down my workbook. Anyhow, thanks for the clerification, I did not know that its controlled by an JavaScript. I thought I just need to querry differently. – Mr.Man Feb 12 '19 at 20:10

CMC change your structure. The new code to use this is:

=IMPORTXML("https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/", "//span[@class='cmc-details-panel-price__price']")

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