It seems there may be a bug in Google Sheets' Query formula where results with a new line character (char 10) are excluded when the column is filtered. Is there any way around this or am I doing something wrong?

source data in columns A:C, query formula in E1 doesn't return rows 5 or 6 even though the filter criteria says they should.

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    The Query in E1 should also be returning the values in A5:C6 as they meet the criteria: where B like '%2%' – Cluelessness Feb 14 at 5:38
  • this is not a fault of CHAR(10) nor bug
  • by examining the whole range with =ARRAYFORMULA(ISNUMBER(A2:C7)) you can see that CHAR(10) causes cells with numbers to act like TEXT which makes sense because there is not a number like 19 68 it's either 19, 68 or 1968

  • therefore, you will need to use such query that works with text not with numbers:

    =QUERY(A1:C7, "select A,B,C where B contains '2'")

    enter image description here

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    very interesting... the project I was working on had the issue on cells with text but using contains seems to have fixed it! Thanks! – Cluelessness Feb 14 at 5:56

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