At work, we routinely use hackpads with LaTeX mathematics like hackmd.io for documents, but they should ultimately all land on github, so it'd be easier if they started there.

Is there any similar solution backed directly by git or even github? You can already edit documents directly on github, but it structures them as pull requests and does not support simultaneous editing.

We want (1) a hackmd.io like interface in which multiple people can simultaneously directly edit and render markdown containing LaTeX mathematics, although pure LaTeX might be acceptable and occasionally desirable.

We also want (2) the edits to be committed directly to git, preferably after being batched and with some attribution to the editors. I suppose batching might require the hackpad present edits under some neutral name, but state the editors in the commit message. I believe hackmd.io can export to, and import from, gists on github currently, but I'd want actual commits not just new documents.

It'd be fine if the hackpad runs its own git locally, or maybe gitlab, accessible through usual git over ssh or whatever.

Anything roughly like this?

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