If an email message contains an email address in the body, Gmail automatically converts it into a mailto: link, which is helpful.

And many times each day I've enjoyed being able to right-click a mailto: link in an email (within Gmail) and then click "Copy email address" in the context menu.

Then I can paste that email address into a program (such as when I want to search a database).

However, within the past month or so, I've noticed that I can't right-click and click "Copy email address" without Gmail then popping open a "New Message" panel and changing my current URL to have ?compose=new at the end.

I wonder if it's related to this month's rollout of new right-click features.

How can I disable it?

I'm tried of having to click the "Discard draft" trash can button so many times throughout the day.

  • Hmm… that’s strange; I don’t see this behaviour. Could it have anything to do with the mail handlers inside your browser? (In Chrome, check under SettingsAdvancedPrivacy and securityContent SettingsHandlers.) – Alex Mar 1 at 10:50
  • @Alex, I took your advice and removed Chrome as an email handler at chrome://settings/handlers?search=handlers, but that didn't have any effect on this problem. Plus, I've always had that as a handler, so something else must have changed in recent weeks. Thanks anyway. – Ryan Mar 1 at 15:39

Well, this is caused by the fact that Gmail detects Chrome browser and ignores global browser setting which results in converting all email addresses by injecting mailto: address before each of them.

email@address.com is converted to mailto:email@address.com and therefore clicking on such address defaults to open compose window. Manually removing mailto: part from source code fixes the issue and further right clicking won't trigger the opening of compose window.



Therefore, a solution would be to find some Chrome extension which is able to edit source code upon website load and remove all instances of mailto:

Another solution would be not clicking on an email address you want to copy, but highlight it with a mouse cursor and hitting CTRL + C

enter image description here

If you are with administrator access, this article states that mailto: scheme can be globally blacklisted: https://www.chromium.org/administrators/url-blacklist-filter-format

In other instances (outside of gmail.com) you need to delete Gmail from handlers at chrome://settings/handlers (but as already mentioned this won't work when on Gmail in Chrome)


I'm not sure when it was fixed, but today is the first day that I noticed not having this problem anymore.

Apparently Google finally changed their code.

People complaining about it here seem to say that it was fixed 2019-05-04.

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