I am looking for a way in gmail (technically google apps for business I think) to filter all email which is delivered to an address using plus addressing. I want to tag all email to [email protected] as one thing and firstname.lastname+[anything at all here]@example.com as something else.

I was intrigued to discover that whilst searches for [email protected] only returned messages to that specific address, searches for [email protected] included all plus addressed messages in the results, which seems slightly inconsistent, but I assume is by design.

As far as I can tell what I'm trying to do isn't possible, due to the lack of support for wildcard searches, but I thought I would check that there isn't another way to do it. I don't think this question is a duplicate of any of the following, but if anyone feels that it is, I'm sorry and feel free to shut this down.

The question How can I filter incoming email based on plus addressing in Gmail? notes that you can filter a specific plus address eg [email protected].

The question Wildcard search in Gmail notes that there is no real support for wildcard searches in gmail filters.

The question Filter email based on Gmail plus operator, with wildcard seeks to use a wildcard search to filter a set of plus addresses eg

And concludes that this is not possible. I think my question is different as I am attempting to filter all plus addresses messages, rather than a set of them, however I suspect that the answer to my question is no for the reasons listed here.

  • not possible in gmail
    – user0
    Feb 21, 2019 at 15:58

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Just to shut this down definitively, this does not seem to be possible in Gmail currently.


This answer from another StackExchange question seems to work.


  • I'm not sure why this has been downvoted; I can confirm that this does work. The solution (as given in the linked question) is to drop the @ symbol from the search, so for example: to:"firstname.lastname example.com". This will only return results for the base address without returning any plus address aliases.
    – Erik Swan
    Aug 14, 2023 at 0:50

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