Oftentimes you may have a "giveaway" of sorts. You have 20 people that put in their names into a drawing, and you want to choose say 3 of them at random.

Is there an easy way to do this via Google Sheets?

I know I can create a =RANDBETWEEN(1,20) several times, but that has two problems: every time I make a change the formula is recalculated, choosing a new number; additionally, if I have more than 10 winners, it's very likely that several of those RANDBETWEENs will conflict with each other. E.g. saying that it should be awarded to the same person multiple times.

Once a name is chosen, it should be removed from the list so that the random function can't choose it again.

I see there's a very complex formula I could use, but that will probably run into the same problems that it'll change each time the sheet is modified. I see there's also an extension I could install, but I'd rather avoid 3rd party extensions.

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Copy the range to another location. Highlight the range, right-click it, and choose Randomize range. You now have a new sorting for the range.

You could easily use this new sorting to choose the top N winners. E.g. the first 3 names in the list are your randomly chosen winners.

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