Is it possible for a Google App Script to take a file from Google Drive, such as a PDF, video, image or .rar file, perform a conversion to it, to convert it to another format, then upload the converted file back into Google Drive?

I just want to know whether it is possible or not. Obviously, the script would need to be written properly, but that doesn't preclude it being possible. I imagine that the app would be able to get permission from the account holder to access, modify or add to their files in Google Drive. Then it would access their files in the cloud, use the cloud computing power to process the conversion, and then add the file in the Drive storage.

This question relates to this answer.

  • @MARKMYANSWER such apps always require permission from the owner of the account to use privileges such as modification and deletion of files in Google Drive. Quite a few apps access my Google Drive in such a way. However, these apps are specific to my account. They are not deployed on all accounts. – ahorn Mar 1 at 16:33

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