In PollEverywhere.com, an instructor can upload polls that are immediately visible to any student opening a fixed link (for example, the link to my class is https://pollev.com/erels691).

My question is: is it possible to use this system, not for polls but for plain slides (e.g. in Google Slides, or LibreOffice slides, or just a PDF file)?

The reason I ask is that, in my class, some students are short-sighted and find it hard to see the presentation on the board. I would like to help them by putting the slides in PollEverywhere, so that they can open the above link from their laptops and watch the presentation online. Is this possible?

NOTE: On their website, they say that it is possible to integrate PollEverywhere with Google Slides. But, it seems that the "integration" they mean is putting a poll inside an existing Google Slides presentation, not putting the presentation itself as a poll.

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