Help me with functions or formulas for google sheet to display UPTREND DOWNTREND BULLISH BEARISH of Daily weekly monthly quarterly stocks as seen in PIcture attached herewith

Please help me build a Screener of the same enter image description here

  • I wish to plot on google sheet hourly, Daily, Weekly, monthly, quarterly stock prices so that it indicates bullish, bearish, or uptrend downtrend etc in google sheet but I dont know the formula or functions hence kindly help me please, appreciate your kind help. – STAR ONLINE Mar 6 at 7:25
  • this is a formula you are looking for... you can change TODAY() for a date to fit your needs, etc.



  • the above replay does provide historical price ' great ' I really appreciate that. I want a function or formula that can calculates Open High Low Close price of daily weekly monthly quarterly prices and output it as a Hourly Daily Weekly monthly quarterly Bullish trend or bearish trend of a particular stock – STAR ONLINE Mar 7 at 5:57

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