I Have 6 G-Suite email accounts I need to remove however some of my staff still requires the contents of those Gmail accounts as they span 3-6 years and have a lot of historical data. I am looking for a way to Export the emails into a drive like structure, or individual files (with attachments) so they can be searched in Drive.

Are there any tools that can do this? A few of these email drives have upwards of 20gb of email.

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Google provides an data export function with several different options, both for the format and where to export to. You can read more about the tool here.

  • Google downloads it as an Mbox format, I haven't seen any type of other options. – Ryan Ternier Mar 6 at 18:51


  • This is an MBOX format, something that isn't compatible by browsing it with a file explorer or on google drive. THat's what I'm after. – Ryan Ternier Mar 6 at 19:45

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