I actually would've just posted this as a comment under @Wikunia's brilliant colab answer, here, but I'm new (sorry!!):

Basically, that works, and it works perfectly, but I'd like to genericise it to run on all zip files in a folder. So, basically the equivalent of a * in Windows.

Here's @Wikunia's answer in full:

You can connect to your gdrive using:

from google.colab import drive

and then

!unzip -uq "drive/My Drive/PATH_TO_ZIP" -d "drive/My Drive/PATH_TO_OUTPUT"

Here uq is only used to update and be quite (quite because massive output is sometimes causing a crash in the Google Colab Notebook.

I've tried a few things that I thought might work as wildcards (*'s and _'s for two ...), but this is literally the first time I've used Python, I tried to google, but it's entirely not clear how to google for this.

Totally understand if this is a no can do, or if I've somehow not done things properly. I tried to tag colab and python, but no can do. Please feel free to correct my style or something. If you possibly can, please be kind.

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