The sign in button directs me to my old university but I no longer have an account there. I get no opportunity to enter any Google account or choose what account to log in with. I am stuck with no way to log in using my Google account because of this redirect. I have tried clearing my cache with no luck. Can anybody help?

  • Where is the sing in button you are referring to? On what page? What happens if you go directly to accounts.google.com? – Alex Mar 8 at 10:21
  • top right of the google page. accounts.google.com redirects to my university login page. – Clinton J Apr 5 at 0:03
  • just to note, I have still not been able to sign in on google on that device. I believe I am permanently locked out as a result of this horrbile 'feature'. – Clinton J Apr 5 at 0:04
  • Have you tried to delete all cookies from that machine/browser? – Alex Apr 5 at 8:48
  • 1
    What kind of device are you using? What web browser are you using? Have you already tried using your web browser on incognito/safe mode? – Rubén Jul 30 at 14:26

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