I'm trying to create a master checkbox (actually a few) that toggle on/off various other columns of checkboxes on the same sheet.

I have researched this issue and found only solutions either A) using a radio button workaround which I have implemented as a test or B) using a checkbox But only based on range and/or proximity. The solution I am seeking just use keywords not range to decide which boxes to tick:untick.

I need the checkboxes to function independently of the master as it is just a "check/uncheck all" option- The boxes they CAN control each might also be on or off on its own.

I need the master checkbox to toggle boxes based on a keyword found in a different column as opposed to a fixed range so I can continue to expand the lists without rewriting code.

Context- In the attached sheet I am trying to put a master checkbox in C14 that when toggled checks/unchecks, all checkboxes in Column F ONLY if the same row has the keyword "Bathroom" in column B.

Here's the sheet:


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