Note: I AM NOT ASKING HOW TO HIDE A PREVIEW for myself. I'm asking how to delete for everyone a preview that has already been posted.

Here is the workflow that I'm talking about

  1. Make a post in slack with a youtube link and Click Send

enter image description here

  1. Post shows up with preview

enter image description here

  1. Pick "Edit Message"

enter image description here

  1. Remove the link and pick "Save Changes"

enter image description here

  1. Even though there is no longer a link in the post there is still a preview.

enter image description here

In fact even changing the link to something else does not fix/remove the preview

Here is pasting a link from imgur

enter image description here

And here's the result. The link shows imgur, the preview is still Youtube

enter image description here

How do I remove the preview when editing? Just like my edits show up for everyone else I want the fact that I removed the link to remove the preview for everyone else as well. It's part of my edit

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Using your own example from YouTube, when you hover over the image there is a little cross on the left side of the thumbnail. Click there.

How to remove a preview from YouTube links in Slack

This creates a dialogue, click on remove

enter image description here

Once the preview is removed, Slack shows your message as edited, and the preview is removed from the message. And this change is visible to everyone in the channel.

enter image description here

  • Note: The "Also block previews in the future" option is rather new. @gman, consider accepting this answer; it is unlikely you will receive a better one.
    – Noughtnaut
    Feb 9, 2021 at 8:35

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