I'm hosting some websites on my raspberry behing my box and I'm using changeip.com to have a free DNS service...

But then, when I would like to post my website's link to facebook or set it as my dedicated facebook page's website an error occurs and I can't update page's data :

Non significant facebook error

I am using Let's Encrypt SSL certificates too (does it impact on something ?)

Is there a way to get arround this ?

  • Is this better for the title ? ... I don't know where to start that's the problem ... I've actually contact them but no answer :/ – Seba99 Mar 10 '19 at 16:29
  • Your title simply needs to succinctly communicate your problem. This one looks better. – I say Reinstate Monica Mar 10 '19 at 16:54

As a workaround for the moment I'm using an URL shortener such as Bit.do or even Bitly ( but for this one I'm facing some warning message on redirect ...

But Well that's not a true answer IMO

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