I've been using Google Maps for at least past 5-8 years (even before huge update) and as a default navigation app for at least past 2-3 years, if no longer. Every time during this period, no matter, if using mobile or PC / web version I was always offered a fastest way by default.

Today I have spotted for the first time in my live that Google Maps offered me a slower way:

enter image description here

I.e. for the first time in my live I saw "X minutes faster" on an alternative way, because so far I've been only seeing "X minutes slower" or "similar ETA" on all the alternative routes.

Are there any specific conditions, in which Google Maps can act like this? Especially in this case, where -- as we can see -- the default and proposed route sticks directly into a large traffic jam while alternative route is smudge-as-it-goes.

I'd like to underline that this question is pretty much more to feed my curiosity rather than to report and solve any actual problem.

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