I have been searching for a while now and all searches lead to Google Docs, not Google Sheets. So basically what I'm looking for is similar to the insert equation function as in Excel where you can insert Mathematical Equations and symbols etc... I have an excel file that I opened using the Google Sheets but when I did, the cells where the equations were placed are left blank. All the other things are as it was like the original except the mathematical equations. I'm thinking of just turning them to images then add them as an image but I'm, wondering if there's a way I would be able to include them like in Excel.

This is what I meant by insert mathematical equation. enter image description here

This should be what is displayed in a cell enter image description here

  • can you provide some example? – user0 Mar 12 '19 at 0:10
  • @user0 I added screenshot of what I meant for the the insert functions for excel. So what happens when I open the file using google sheets, the cell with the equation I made are left blank instead of showing something. – EtoG Mar 12 '19 at 0:21

If you are a teacher you got lucky... and saved £80 (105.85$). There is an addon for Google Sheets called EquatIO which allows you to insert math equations. All you have to do is:


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