I use a number of Gmail accounts for different purposes (eg. family, games-related, etc). All except one is listed as gmail.com but one is listed as googlemail.com.

Have tried removing and re-adding the account, specifically entering the account name with gmail.com. But after closing Chrome, when I come back to this page the account is again displayed as googlemail.com.

Why is this and can I change it? My preference would be gmail.com for all of them.

One account displayed as googlemail


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To answer the question: @googlemail.com was created for Gmail users of a particular country (the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, Poland and Germany) where "Gmail", as a trademark, was already taken by local folks, so Google was forced to use @googlemail.com instead.

Apart from this, there is also @google.com for Google employees.


Thanks to the comment by @HazardousGlitch, I finally managed to track it down. These are the steps:

  • Log into the googlemail.com account
  • Click the Settings cog icon (upper right)
  • Click Accounts and Import
  • Find Switch to gmail.com next to Send mail as:
  • Following the prompts and agree to change to gmail.com
  • Log out of gmail
  • From the landing page of your accounts, click Remove an account
  • Remove the googlemail.com account
  • Close and restart Chrome
  • From the landing page of your accounts, click Use another account
  • Enter the full name of the account, including gmail.com
  • Enter the password

All done!

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