My name is Hugo, and I'm new at publishing web page and Domain usage.

So I'v create a WebPage witch is a basic html/js file. And I want it to be hosted somewhere in this world. So I bought a domain name here on GoDaddy (tiresizecalc.ca) and place my file a Virtual Machine on Azure.

Now I wish to have my domain name, tiresizecalc.ca be fowarded to my host on azure, And I've some difficulties.

I've try some setting, like adding a HostName (app.tiresizecalc.ca => in the GoDaddy DNS management page and also set the fowarding to http://app.tiresizecalc.ca

But now when I type the domain tiresizecalc.ca in a browser, in my case Chrome, the url changes to the IP address of the host instead of keeping the domain name.

What should I do to have it keeping the domaine name in the address bar?

enter image description here

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Ok I think I got the solutions.

I've added a "Record" of type "A" in the DNS Management page, and it seam to work so far. enter image description here

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