I have one spreadsheet in Google Sheets with data like: In sheet 1 in column pricelist

$100 in text
102 in Number
$103 in text
104 in number
105 in number

When I do the vlookup and try to multiply with 1 it is showing an error. Not able to understand how to make the change.

I have used this formula to convert text to number, but if the cell has number format then it is dropping an error.

The formula used to convert text to number:

  • to convert text to numbers use this:

 VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(REGEXEXTRACT(TO_TEXT(A1:A), "\d+,\d+|\d+.\d+|\d+"), ",", ".")), ))


  • for non-US syntax try:

 VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(REGEXEXTRACT(TO_TEXT(A1:A); "\d+,\d+|\d+.\d+|\d+"); "."; ",")); ))


  • if you are not sure which syntax to use, take this:

 VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(REGEXEXTRACT(TO_TEXT(A1:A); "\d+,\d+|\d+.\d+|\d+"); ","; "."));
 VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(REGEXEXTRACT(TO_TEXT(A1:A); "\d+,\d+|\d+.\d+|\d+"); "."; ","))); ))

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