I was trying to see how many hours of content I had uploaded to YouTube (preferably without counting it all by hand).

I was wondering if there was a way of viewing this. I looked through all the settings and couldn't find anything about the total length of all videos on my channel.

Google wasn't any help either, just directing me to results that talked about how much total videos were on the whole of YouTube

Does such an option exist? Or do I just have to add them up?

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  • you can easily do so by using Google Sheets...
  • to get individual duration per video:

    =SUBSTITUTE(REGEXREPLACE(IMPORTXML(A2, "//*[@itemprop='duration']/@content"),
     "PT|S", ""), "M", ":0")

  • to get total duration of all videos:

     QUOTIENT(SUMPRODUCT(IFERROR(REGEXEXTRACT(B2:B, ":(\d+)"))), 60), 60)&":"&
     QUOTIENT(SUMPRODUCT(IFERROR(REGEXEXTRACT(B2:B, ":(\d+)"))), 60), 60), "00")&":"&
     TEXT(MOD(SUMPRODUCT(IFERROR(REGEXEXTRACT(B2:B, ":(\d+)"))), 60), "00"))


    demo spreadsheet

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